Friday, June 19, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend...

I think I already mentioned that I traveled to my sister's home in Dubuque, Iowa for her son Riley's high school graduation party. Mom and I stayed a few extra days and we managed to get in some shopping.

We went down to Bluff Street and stopped by the Fourth Street Lift. This is where Skip {my dad, may he rest in peace} and Eva K {mom} fell in love.
We went to The Cotton Cabin Quilt Shop too!

{Skinny Sister Jeanne}

Mom and I traveled back to her house {Flanagan, IL} on Tuesday. On Wednesday we had a sewing day. I made this table runner from a kit I bought at The Cotton Cabin. This simple pattern called The Big Easy by Pieced Tree. The kit I bought contained everything {love that} needed but the batting. I won't let you look at it too close because I quilted it too - something I usually do with my credit card.

On Thursday we traveled to Sean {bro} and Karen's new home in Monticello, IL. Sean has been painting and their new kitchen is red. I gave Karen the table runner and she was thrilled.

Here is Emerson {aka Baby Cakes, or simply Cakes} trying to make a phone call. Mom bought her that hoochie mamma halter top. She is only 18 months old and she sang the abc's to me, counted, and told me No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Obviously, she takes after her Aunt Anne!

My midwest tour continues as I travel to northwest Iowa in the next couple days.

Sew on and sew forth!


When Pigs Fly Zville said...

What a fun trip! I love that in one photo is the shop where the fabric was purchased, next photo finished project, and final photo project has been given as gift and is in the background. You are "sew" handy!
Miss you and safe travels!

dweihe2 said...

Looks like a fun trip

dweihe2 said...


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