Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Good Yarn...

Yesterday I went and trained for my new "job". Can you really call it that when it is going to be so much fun?

In July, I will begin "working" at The Village Yarn Shop one day a week.

The Village Yarn Shop opened a year ago and is owned by Harriett McNabb and her husband Terry. Harriett is very friendly, extremely enthusiastic, and has a real love for fiber. I took a couple classes at the shop in the last year and throughout the winter I would go in and sit and knit. Eagle Creek Coffee is just on the next block so you can grab your cup of Joe, travel a few feet down the brick street, and find a comfy chair at the yarn shop. I love the atmosphere.

One day a couple months ago Harriett asked me for my number. She called me later that evening and asked if I would be interested in working at the shop one day a week in the fall. {pretty flattering} I wanted to discuss it with the husb, but was certain being surrounded by yarn one day a week would be right up my alley... and probably therapeutic! So... here I am.

I will be working on Tuesdays with Tiffani. She is a great knitter! Yesterday she was working on lace! And Maureen (taught my sweater class) and Jane (taught my sock class) will be working at the shop too. Loooove them. I will be the least experienced knitter there {scary}... but I am certain to learn a lot.

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