Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Club...

When we moved here, the wife of the man that hired the husb invited me to join her book club. I jumped at chance, as I knew no one - and well, it is always so great to feel like a part of something. It is funny, historically I almost never read {besides People magazine and cookbooks}. Between working full-time, being scarred in the second grade with poor reading comprehension, and the burden of a father who taught Senior English and was probably the most well read man in Illinois... I didn't have the time or inclination. But for nine years I have been reading along {Dad would be so proud of me} with group of wonderful women and have a fabulous friendship with Marianne.

The book club meets on random Sunday afternoons and we choose books and meeting dates as we go. It is really quite informal and I like that because I have heard of book clubs where participants are basically shunned for not finishing a book. We are just happy to see one another. Well...I have missed the last 2 get togethers and have not been keeping up. But I sat with Marianne at an Infectious Disease Dinner {clarification: a graduation dinner for the ID department} and got the details from the last meeting.

We are reading Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.
I am excited because I picked up this book at the the Women Of Faith conference last August and I haven't read it. {I have a stash of books - but it in no way rivals my fabric stash...Hmmmm maybe my yarn stash.}

Our book club is always looking for a good book. Let me know if you have suggestions. We may have read it, but discussing books is always fun.

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