Monday, June 15, 2009

Bling Giveaway...

Hey There! I am at my sister's house and Mom and I were just having a cup of coffee and reading blogs while Jeanne busies herself with stuff that I would leave for another day (or week). She is an active one (which explains why she is a size 4 and I am a size... oh, never mind)!

Any who... Vanessa over at V and Co is sponsoring a giveaway. Look at this charming necklace.


The giveaway will be closed Wednesday 11:59 pm mountain standard time. The winner will be announced Thursday at 10 am. GO SEE V!!!


jsnookanders said...

Anne... get to work!

V and Co. said...

thank you for the link!

V and Co. said...

you won! i need your email address so i can give it to beki

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