Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 25th Anniversary...

“Love seems swiftest, but it is the slowest of growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.”  -Mark Twain

Today the husb and I celebrate our silver anniversary.  It does not seem possible.  In March, we took a trip to Italy, visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice to mark our 25th year.


Happy Anniversary Brad-o-lee.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Walking and Listening...

I have a 3.5 mile rail trail that runs directly behind my home.  Most of it is a lovely asphalt paved path, with the southern most mile or so being crushed limestone.  It tunnels under roadway intersections making it a pretty safe walking environment, and it is relatively flat.

It is easy to get in my 10,000 steps but I found the same route can be boring when walking alone. 

To alleviate this dilemma, some days I switch things up and branch off into a neighborhood or nearby park.  Then my knitting friend, Ellen, told me about a new program at our local {fantastic} library.   I can download audio books and listen to them on my Ipod Touch.  This has solved any boredom and I am always anxious to get out and walk and continue my book.

So far I have listed to...

Days of Grace, by Catherine Hall

This is the story of a woman who at the beginning of World War II, and at twelve years old, is sent away from London to the safety of the English countryside.

I enjoyed it and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Last Time I saw You, by Elizabeth Berg

This book is about a fortieth high school reunion, written from five different perspectives. All the characters attend for different reasons; all experience a significant change in their lives afterward.

I like Elizabeth Berg, and give this book 3.5 stars.

Room, by Emma Donoghue

This is the story of a boy and his mother living in a small room.  The 11 x 11 foot space is the only home Jack has ever known, but it is a prison for his mother, after being held there for 7 years.  

Room is an interesting story, but I would suggest reading it, as opposed to listening.  The audio book is narrated by a young 5 year old voice, which I found irritating at times. Still, I enjoyed the book, and I give it 4 stars.   

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson

Book 1 of the Millennium Series.  Engrossing murder mystery.

A book club favorite.  I give this book 4.5 stars. And I quickly downloaded his next book. 

The Girl who Played with Fire, by Steig Larrson

Book 2 of the Millennium Series.  The story continues!  "Powerful prose and intriguing lead characters will carry most readers along." says Publisher's Weekly.

4.5 stars and currently listening to the third book of the series.

Now that is more books than I've read in the last few years! 

Walked late in the day, due to early morning rain. 82 degrees, 11289 steps, 5.37 miles

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It is a Constant Battle...

If you know me, or have followed me for a while, you know I am one of those people constantly battling their weight.  When it comes to my weight, I am a yo-yo.  I come by it naturally, both my parents were often trying to lose weight.  My Mom is a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, as am I.  Still, here I am in my late 40s trying to get in better shape.

{This is not me...just an illustration...my ankles NEVER looked that good!}

At my last doctor visit, in late May. I had gained 5 lbs. When I told the doctor I and 2 friends are on Weight Watchers {that is paying for it but NOT following it} she said "well one of you has to get OCD about your diet".  I love, love, love my doctor.  She has taken great care of me.  And for some reason, that little phrase clicked with me.  

As for my diet, I have given up carbs {I am a carboholic} and fat and eat mainly protein and vegetables with an occasional piece of fruit.  I eat a lot of 0% fat Greek yogurt, drink skim milk, and  enjoy an egg or egg whites every now and then.   

Last February, I broke up with my personal trainer after two injuries.  I had been seeing him for 2 years, 3 times a week with my BFFs Mary, and Carolyn.  I thought he was the best personal trainer, but I also thought he expected me to do things in the gym that no late 40 something woman should be doing.  I knew I was going to have to find another way to get in some good exercise.

In April I began walking.  At first my goal was to walk a couple miles 4 days a week.  And soon I was walking 10,000+ steps (approximately 5 miles) 5 to 7 days a week. 

I track my steps with my Fitbit Personal Fitness Tracker.

My friend Carolyn turned me on to this little device.  I wear my fitbit all day long.  It logs how many steps I take, how many miles I walk, and calculates how many calories I have burned.  I sync my fitbit with my computer where I can track my meals and success.  The fitbit can even be set to track your sleep.   The fitbit is just another thing I love!

I have become "OCD" about my walking, which I believe is a good thing.  I'll walk with a friend {Carolyn walks super fast and I let her do all the talking while I try to keep up}.  Or, I will download books from the local library {LOVE it!} and listen to them on my Ipod. My goal is to walk everyday.

And now, here I am exactly one month from my doctor visit, 20 lbs lighter.  Maybe this really is...the summer of Anne! 

I am off to walk, listening to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest.

PS...(later)...ran into my friend Cindi and walked 14651 steps...7 miles.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Add Water...

3 1/2 yo girl + water = FUN!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've been busy.  Eva K {Mom} and Emerson {niece} came for a visit.

We had breakfast on the screened-in porch.

We shopped for new shoes.  {Gotta luv Target!}

We had "girls' lunch out".

We went to the sprinkler park.

We stopped to smell the coneflowers... and just enjoyed one another.

Monday, June 13, 2011

How did this happen?...

My living room is right off the front entry way.  It is the one room I keep clean.  I do this, maybe trying to prove I do clean once in a while. Okay, the truth of it is, it is a safe zone.  If someone unexpectedly stops by the house, I can whisk them into the living room avoiding their discovery of piled up mail, newspapers, keys, change, dishes, knitting projects, unswept floors and a fine layer of dust through the rest of the house.

A couple weeks ago while driving down our street, I saw a TV at the end of someone's driveway.  I came home and interrupted Prince Charles and his friend Spencer watching a movie. (They were watching a movie on the TV in MY family room, streamed through Char's PC.  The family room is MY room.  BUT it contains the only HD TV in the house.  The basement is nicely finished and I like to contain Char and co down there.  But I digress.) 

I said to Charlie, "Hey, the neighbor has a TV at the end of his driveway.  You should go check it out."  Charlie replied, "OK, maybe we will later."  {TYPICAL}  I replied, "It may not be there later."  Spencer said, with some level of excitement, "Dude, let's go take a look."  Five minutes later, they were carrying the TV back to our house.

The TV had a sign on it and a ziplock bag containing the owners manual.

Charlie's friend Spencer is some kind of techno whiz.  He is really in to computers and electronics.  Tinkering with these things seems to give him a real high.  So the boy wonder googles the make & model of the TV, and the most common reason it needs repairs. {Broken color wheel}   The boys remove the back of the TV and discover the TV color wheel is broken.

Charlie hit me up to buy a $60 part {including shipping and hadling}.  It came in a few days and the boys successfully repaired the TV.  Now my living room looks like this!

Last night they had the shades drawn and they were watching movies via the laptop again.  They are thrilled.  Me, not :: so :: much.  But I will be... when they move it to the basement!

Must clean today, I am expecting company this week.  Absolutely no safe zones in the house.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Fun in Idaho...

Continuing our drive through Idaho, we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. 
Created more than 2000 years ago during a volvanic eruption, this place was fascinating.

We drove the 7 mile loop, hiked the lava fields, and explored the Indian Tunnel lava tube. 

SIL Tammy emerging from the Indian Tunnel. 

On to Twin Falls for the wedding.  To enter Twin Falls from US 93, you cross the Perrine Bridge over the Snake River Canyon.  Breathtaking!

While on the bridge you can look to the valley below and see not only the Snake River but beautiful homes and the Blue Lakes Country Club and Golf Course.  Imagine our surprise to learn that Blue Lakes CC was the site of the wedding and reception.  WOW.   

We had just enough time to greet family, iron clothes, clean up, and head to the wedding.  
Liz and Zach, exchanging vows... and possibly the cutest couple ever.

My SIL Mary says that Liz made all the wedding arrangements.  Check out our table at the reception. 

And yes, I had to take a picture of the food!  Steak AND chicken.

A view from the veranda as the sun goes down.


On Sunday we visited Shoshone Falls.

In the afternoon, we hung out at BIL Richard's home.  I sat on their porch for hours.  Did I mention there is NO humidity?  And there was a lovely breeze.  By the end of the day I was sporting red legs and arms. 

Charlie was elated to ride a horse AND shoot a gun. {Insert disapproving mother face here}  He claimed the day could only be topped by shooting the gun while riding the horse!

Richard took us out to the Cauldron Linn.

We finished off the day with a fun family dinner.  Tomorrow we would be heading home.

On our way from Twin Falls to Boise we took the scenic route and stopped by Balanced Rock.

Charlie holding up Balanced Rock.
We took the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway back toward Boise.

Thank you for the memories Idaho.  I'll be back again some day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More time for Family...

Last Thursday we left central Indiana and flew to Idaho for a family wedding.  I have never been to Idaho and was not sure what to expect.  Wow.. was I blown away by the breathtaking scenery!

We flew from Indy to Boise (via Phoenix).  Here is Prince Charles at the airpot.

We rented a car and headed up the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway.  It was snowing on June 2!

We drove to Redfish Lake, just outside of Stanley.

We stayed at the Redfish Lake Lodge, rented a cabin, hiked in the mountains, and had dinner at the Lodge.
SIL Bonnie, SIL Tammy, Charlie, the husb, and me

The Lodge had a surprisingly sophisticated menu but while having this picture taken, a mouse ran behind the waiter.  YIKES! 

Next, we traveled the Sawtooth Scenic Byway.  We had lunch at the  Sun Valley Lodge.

Tammy, Bonnie and I shopped.  I found a nice little yarn shop where I purchased local yarn - a favorite souvenier.  Bonnie scored 2 new coats!  We came across this funny guy.

We drove down to Hailey for the night.  I visited the Sun Valley Quilt & Fabric Co.  We had dinner at the Sun Valley Brewing Co.  Needless to say, the husb and I were in heaven.  We stayed at the Wood River Inn where they offer free use of bikes.  The husb went for an early morning ride... again... hea*ven!

I'll stop here for today and bring you more of Mother Nature's beauty in Idaho in my next post. 

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