Monday, June 13, 2011

How did this happen?...

My living room is right off the front entry way.  It is the one room I keep clean.  I do this, maybe trying to prove I do clean once in a while. Okay, the truth of it is, it is a safe zone.  If someone unexpectedly stops by the house, I can whisk them into the living room avoiding their discovery of piled up mail, newspapers, keys, change, dishes, knitting projects, unswept floors and a fine layer of dust through the rest of the house.

A couple weeks ago while driving down our street, I saw a TV at the end of someone's driveway.  I came home and interrupted Prince Charles and his friend Spencer watching a movie. (They were watching a movie on the TV in MY family room, streamed through Char's PC.  The family room is MY room.  BUT it contains the only HD TV in the house.  The basement is nicely finished and I like to contain Char and co down there.  But I digress.) 

I said to Charlie, "Hey, the neighbor has a TV at the end of his driveway.  You should go check it out."  Charlie replied, "OK, maybe we will later."  {TYPICAL}  I replied, "It may not be there later."  Spencer said, with some level of excitement, "Dude, let's go take a look."  Five minutes later, they were carrying the TV back to our house.

The TV had a sign on it and a ziplock bag containing the owners manual.

Charlie's friend Spencer is some kind of techno whiz.  He is really in to computers and electronics.  Tinkering with these things seems to give him a real high.  So the boy wonder googles the make & model of the TV, and the most common reason it needs repairs. {Broken color wheel}   The boys remove the back of the TV and discover the TV color wheel is broken.

Charlie hit me up to buy a $60 part {including shipping and hadling}.  It came in a few days and the boys successfully repaired the TV.  Now my living room looks like this!

Last night they had the shades drawn and they were watching movies via the laptop again.  They are thrilled.  Me, not :: so :: much.  But I will be... when they move it to the basement!

Must clean today, I am expecting company this week.  Absolutely no safe zones in the house.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- that's awesome! Congratulations to those resourceful boys. I love the internet. You can look up repair info for anything!

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