Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting Organized...

People often tell me, "You get SO MUCH done".  But the truth is, there is a lot I don't get done.  And I don't clean up after myself.  And after a while my sewing room looks like this...
I would show you the rest... but it is just more of the same.  There is a path to the sewing machine.  I can't even tell you how many years ago I started the quilt on my design wall.  All the blocks are done, it just needs to be sewn together.  Apparently I like making blocks, not quilts.  I should be wearing the scarlet letters "UFO".  So shameful.

Hold the phone, don't call Hoarders to bring in the camera crew.  My friend Theresa came to visit with the purpose of helping me clean my sewing room.  She says she is doing it because I helped her with her daughters graduation party last May.  I definitely got the best part of that deal!

Check this out...
cutting table {with a few UFOs hidden beneath the table}

 Kit storage  (I have an obscene number of kits)

Fabric Storage {and a stack of UFOs in the corner}

Sewing table {the label maker is still on the sewing table}

I should have included a picture of the floor.  Sew CLEAN!

One of Theresa's daughters is getting married in May.  Maybe I could help her out, and she will return the favor by helping me tackle my closets. {AKA booby traps}

Monday, September 12, 2011

An Amish Lifestyle...

well... not exactly... but my laptop died and I have been without far too long!  Yesterday the husb took me out and we shopped for, and bought, a new laptop. YEAH... I am back in business. 

While I was offline I got a TON of things done.  {Imagine that!}

I took Eva K to see her grandson play college football.  It was 900 degrees {slight exaggeration} that day.  In the fourth quarter the sky turned black, it began to hail, lightening, rain cats & dogs, and we had a 3 hour delay {no exaggeration}.  The Wartburg Knights came out on top beating Monmouth College.  Yeah team! 
Mom and Skinny Sister's son Riley
At my Rockin' Bobbins meeting we decided to exchange blocks for our Scrapity-Do-Dah quilts one more month.  I completed 5 more sets of 12 blocks for our exchange.  {OK... hardly Amish... what would I do without my Bernina?}  
I cranked away at my YO-YO Along project and I now have 782 completed! 
My yo-yo travel kit
I finished knitting my Fledermaus-Tuch.  It is waiting to be blocked.
I finished knitting Mom's Stitch Sampler Shawl.  Again... waiting to be blocked.      
I began this project....

Found @
I bought this pattern at the Classic Cable Knits trunk show held in August at Village Yarn Shop. This project begins with the pretty edge and the pattern uses a chart.  {Why have I been so afraid of knitting charts?} It has been SO enjoyable to knit.
I am using Madeline Tosh Vintage yarn.  The pattern is written for sock, DK, or worsted weight yarn.  Nice touch!  Since I am generally a serial knitter, rarely knitting a pattern just once, I will probably knit this project in another weight...soon.  Maybe a KAL at VYS?

I finished listening to The Daughter's Walk, by Jane Kirkpatrick.  This story begins with the historically factual 7,000-mile walk taken by a reluctant Clara Estby and her mother, Helga, from Spokane, Washington, to New York in 1896. The fashion industry is looking for promotion of the new, shorter dress for women; Helga is looking for a $10,000 prize to save the family farm from foreclosure. The novel follows Clara after the walk, spanning 40 years.  I enjoy historical fiction and I found this novel interesting.  I was not, however, totally captivated.
I began reading a bevy of Lincoln books.  Very interesting.  I look forward to downloading a new book for my walks.

What were you up to while I was gone?
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