Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where there is life...

...there is hope.  The husb pointed out to me that my clamatis is blooming in the back yard.  A little bright spot and pointed reminder on this busy weekend.

Tonight is prom at the Indianaoplis Children's Museum for Charlie.  It is rainy outside, but I am hoping for a ray of sunshine for pictures.

My blogland friends probably think I've fallen off the face of the earth.  Just busy, busy.

Last weekend I was very fortunate to be able to travel to Chicago with Mary and Jenny to the International Quilt Show. We met the Iowa girls there for a couple days of quilt-seeing, shopping, laughter and wine consumption. We mixed in a little knitting and found 2 stores we adored.

My Sister's Knits is on 9907 S. Walden Parkway in Chicago.  The owner, Carol, is very friendly and truely delightful.  The shop is not large but every inch of it is used wisely and stocked with inventory that will make you ohhh and ahhhh.  The store's slogan is "Come in for yarn, and leave with a friend" and we did.  I'd make the day trip just to visit Carol again.

Chix with Stix is in Forest Park on Madison Street.  I bought patterns and yarn because their samples sold me.  Again, the shop was small but the space was well used.  Kelly was so nice and it was fun to share the excitement of ...yarn.  

But back to reality... I am taking on a kitchen update which will include new counter tops and a fresh coat of paint for the entire first floor.  And I am hoping to have it done before graduation.  Silly me.

I have been knitting like a fiend for the shop {The Village Yarn Shop}.  It is cheaper than therapy, although the husb may not agree. 
Here is a Potato Chip Scarf made out of Plymouth Kudo.  Kris at Knit Witts Yarn & Shoppe in Evansville, IN shared this pattern with me.  She said it is called the Potato Chip Scarf because nobody can make just one.  This is my 3rd and it looks fab with a jean jacket.  Kudos for Plymouth Kudo - they have really great colors and it is fun to knit.

Have you heard about the Super Scarves project?  The 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee is looking to outfit their 8,000 volunteers with hand knitted scarves.  I made one and several are coing into the shop.  This is Cascade yarn (per the project specs) and the pattern is from the 60 Quick Knits book.   (This is listed under My Favorite Reads on my side bar, where you can link to a great buy from Amazon at $12.21.  Really... you'll want to make 99% of the projects in the book - all hats, scarves & mittens from Cascade yarn.)  If you'd like to participate in this project...I can hook you up.

Okay... that is several weeks of blogging in one day.  Sorry for the long post... but I feel the need to act like I am doing SOMEthing.  

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kim is a Superstar...

I have been following {read stalking} Kim from Bitty Bits & Pieces 4ever.  I love her style of writing and designing.  And she is up to it again.  Look what she designed for Moda Bake Shop.

And look inside!

Isn't this great?  Wouldn't you love to have one?  Well... head on over to Bitty Bits & Pieces cuz Kim is celebrating with a givaway.  This is just too good to keep to myself!

Good luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catching Up...

Spring has sprung and there is so much to do - inside and out.

Look what my Skinny Sister sent me.   Remember the Owl and the Pussy Cat post?  She drew the Owl and the Pussy Cat and made me a punch needle embroidery!  She is so clever!

Thanks Jeanne!

Did I tell you that my baby {Prince Charles} has decided to attend Indiana University next year?  While antiquing with Theresa in New Harmony I found this....

Indiana University stoneware by Shenango.  It is a relish dish and he can use it for loose change on his desk at school.  It is probably from the 70's...which would make me an antique too.

The husb has poker night tonight...HERE.  I need to tidy the house and put some Tijuana Train Wreck in the crock pot.  I hope I can find a little time to knit or sew.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fond Easter Greetings...

May the risen Christ fill your heart with joy, bring you new hope, and bless you with peace. 

Hey Yarn Lovers...

I've been following Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting after finding her patterns on Ravelry.  I love reading her blog and checking out her lovely work.  All knitters and yarn lovers should run over there now and check out her Never Not Knitting Green Yarn Giveaway.  And you'll enjoy her story too!    

Good Luck!
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