Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's just Business...

Or is that busyness?  It is early on a Sunday morning and I am taking the day to catch my breath.  I have gone nonstop all summer long.  Unlike my skinny sister, I need a rest every now and then.

It all started last spring when the owner of the yarn shop told us she planned to sell the business.  {This was all going on while we were preparing for Prom, remodeling the kitchen, and planning a graduation party.} It was just too much for her to teach and run the shop.  I didn't want to shop to close.  I love that shop. So I, with two partners, attempted to buy the shop.  We studied the financials, outlined a business plan, and met with advisors.  We also ran off to TNNA where we took business classes and made connections with yarn reps and other shop owners.  We made the offer the night before I left for our family vacation week in Okobji. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't come to terms.  Harriett had so much invested in the shop, in the end she decided to keep it.  What an emotional roller coaster!  Harriett decided she really just needed a manager for the shop and she asked me to do it.  And really, it is a great gig.  Almost like owning the shop without the debt AND I get paid to do it. Plus the staff at the shop is WONDERFUL.  I think we could have a lot of fun.

More on my summer later,   

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