Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More time for Family...

Last Thursday we left central Indiana and flew to Idaho for a family wedding.  I have never been to Idaho and was not sure what to expect.  Wow.. was I blown away by the breathtaking scenery!

We flew from Indy to Boise (via Phoenix).  Here is Prince Charles at the airpot.

We rented a car and headed up the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway.  It was snowing on June 2!

We drove to Redfish Lake, just outside of Stanley.

We stayed at the Redfish Lake Lodge, rented a cabin, hiked in the mountains, and had dinner at the Lodge.
SIL Bonnie, SIL Tammy, Charlie, the husb, and me

The Lodge had a surprisingly sophisticated menu but while having this picture taken, a mouse ran behind the waiter.  YIKES! 

Next, we traveled the Sawtooth Scenic Byway.  We had lunch at the  Sun Valley Lodge.

Tammy, Bonnie and I shopped.  I found a nice little yarn shop where I purchased local yarn - a favorite souvenier.  Bonnie scored 2 new coats!  We came across this funny guy.

We drove down to Hailey for the night.  I visited the Sun Valley Quilt & Fabric Co.  We had dinner at the Sun Valley Brewing Co.  Needless to say, the husb and I were in heaven.  We stayed at the Wood River Inn where they offer free use of bikes.  The husb went for an early morning ride... again... hea*ven!

I'll stop here for today and bring you more of Mother Nature's beauty in Idaho in my next post. 

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Thimbleanna said...

So. You actually came back??? Indiana where??? Aren't those mountains gorgeous? I'm sooo glad you loved it. Makes it hard to come back to our flat terrain. And 100 degree temps LOL!

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