Sunday, June 26, 2011

It is a Constant Battle...

If you know me, or have followed me for a while, you know I am one of those people constantly battling their weight.  When it comes to my weight, I am a yo-yo.  I come by it naturally, both my parents were often trying to lose weight.  My Mom is a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, as am I.  Still, here I am in my late 40s trying to get in better shape.

{This is not me...just an ankles NEVER looked that good!}

At my last doctor visit, in late May. I had gained 5 lbs. When I told the doctor I and 2 friends are on Weight Watchers {that is paying for it but NOT following it} she said "well one of you has to get OCD about your diet".  I love, love, love my doctor.  She has taken great care of me.  And for some reason, that little phrase clicked with me.  

As for my diet, I have given up carbs {I am a carboholic} and fat and eat mainly protein and vegetables with an occasional piece of fruit.  I eat a lot of 0% fat Greek yogurt, drink skim milk, and  enjoy an egg or egg whites every now and then.   

Last February, I broke up with my personal trainer after two injuries.  I had been seeing him for 2 years, 3 times a week with my BFFs Mary, and Carolyn.  I thought he was the best personal trainer, but I also thought he expected me to do things in the gym that no late 40 something woman should be doing.  I knew I was going to have to find another way to get in some good exercise.

In April I began walking.  At first my goal was to walk a couple miles 4 days a week.  And soon I was walking 10,000+ steps (approximately 5 miles) 5 to 7 days a week. 

I track my steps with my Fitbit Personal Fitness Tracker.

My friend Carolyn turned me on to this little device.  I wear my fitbit all day long.  It logs how many steps I take, how many miles I walk, and calculates how many calories I have burned.  I sync my fitbit with my computer where I can track my meals and success.  The fitbit can even be set to track your sleep.   The fitbit is just another thing I love!

I have become "OCD" about my walking, which I believe is a good thing.  I'll walk with a friend {Carolyn walks super fast and I let her do all the talking while I try to keep up}.  Or, I will download books from the local library {LOVE it!} and listen to them on my Ipod. My goal is to walk everyday.

And now, here I am exactly one month from my doctor visit, 20 lbs lighter.  Maybe this really is...the summer of Anne! 

I am off to walk, listening to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest.

PS...(later)...ran into my friend Cindi and walked 14651 steps...7 miles.


Mary K said...

Proud of you! Happy for you! And want to be included in some of those walks, or maybe a reward for reaching those goals. . .I suggest mani/pedi ;)

When Pigs Fly Zville said...

Keep it up! You rock! ( or should I say you WALK!)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- Congratulations Anne -- that's awesome!

tallulah modern day sewist said...

Way to go Anne! You r a great inspiration!! Rock on my sweet friend!!! :)

LaurieJ said...

Congrats Anne! Keep it up girl! You inspire me.

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