Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's Up Wednesday...

It is hump day; well we used to call it that when I worked full time. You know, middle of the week, get over the hump, it is downhill from here sort of thing. I was thinking the rest of the week will be cake… and I could get in my sewing room, maybe organize {clear a path to the machine} and sew a little. Then the husb told me over coffee this a.m. that he’d like to invite 3 colleagues and their spouses for dinner Friday night. {YIKES} I need to clean and plan a menu. It wouldn’t hurt to get some weeding done and plant the rest of my flowers. And the windows could be done too. I’d better add cleaning out the frig.


I did manage a little sewing last night. I whipped together the last graduation pillowcase. And I worked on my Civil War Era 9 patches – I can’t wait to get that quilt done. It’s gonna be a good one! I do need to get some sewing done because the Rockin’ Bobbins meet tomorrow night. Per usual, I’ve put off my required sewing until the last minute.


Guess what… I went to WW and the scale was very good to me. I was down 3 pounds. This… after the Infectious Disease dinner and 3 graduation parties. I can’t tell you all the goodies I passed up. REALLY. I was so happy I sent text messages to the near world to tell them about it {now I am letting the blogworld know}. This begs the question … who am I trying to convince I can do this? The entire universe or Me?

Now, I have been giving my blog some thought. My original intention was to share my quilting and knitting projects and sprinkle in a few recipes. But I find myself blah-blah-blogging about other mundane details of my life. I know I am not that interesting, so let me offer up an apology, but for me… blogging is cheaper than therapy.

Thanks for listening!

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Thimbleanna said...

Ah, but you'll find that everyone likes to hear the boring beauty of life sprinkled in with all the projects. Good luck with your dinner party!

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