Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's Up Wednesday...

Hey there... I have so much going on I can barely keep up! It's all good. So HAPPY it is SUMMER!

WW update, I am down one pound - after exercising 6 of 7 days!!! And when I say exercise I mean
Wednesday :: 1 hour with the personal trainer
Thursday :: 55 min brisk walk
Friday :: 1 hour with the personal trainer
Sunday :: 75 min brisk walk
Monday :: 1 hour with the personal trainer
Tuesday :: 50 min on the exercise bike
{I am bragging here, because this would have been unthinkable 6 months ago}
Mr. Scale...where is the love? Whatever... I'll take the loss and run with it! I have noticed an increase in energy - which is great!

Can you guess what I am doing this afternoon? I am going to train for my new job at the local yarn shop where I will be working 1 day a week beginning in July. I am pretty excited! I will probably end up paying them to work (if you can call it that) there! And we'll have to build on a room to the house to accommodate my growing yarn stash.

Just 2 days until Prince Charles (my son Charlie) leaves for Germany. I am in a place we like to call DENIAL. He'll be gone 3 weeks. He is really excited but I think he is in for a shock. This only child is going to live with a family that has 2 girls. I think it will be an adjustment - and a great learning experience.


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Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- THAT's working out!!! Good for you. And you must dish -- what yarn shop??? How fun for Charlie -- can't wait to hear about his trip. I hope he'll be somewhere fun. We lived in Germany (did I already tell you this -- deja vu moment here?) for 3 years and LOVED it!

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