Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Very Sad with Self...

Okay, for those of you that really know me, you know I have issues with my weight. It would be great to think they aren't big issues... but they are, in the sense that my weight has been a ongoing problem for me since my 20s, and very much so after the birth of my son... now 17!

Why am I going on about this now??? Because I am soooo sick and tired of it. Okay, okay, this breakdown is due to the fact that last night at WW I had a .6 lb gain. Yes, we just celebrated Easter , and I went out of town, and I didn't track what I ate, but I didn't think I was out of control. Believe me, I know out of control.

The scale is not my friend. I am not sure why he hates me so. I am good to him. I visit him each morning, sometimes at night, and after every exercise session. But he is no good to me. He teases and taunts me. I am breaking it off with him! I'll see him once a week... if he is lucky.

And what about all these one hour sessions with Matt, the beloved personal trainer. Three times last week!!! And there were three walks in the mix too - one in the rain! I mean can I get some credit for moving my big behind??? Is that so wrong?

That is it! This little stumble only serves to make me stronger. I am setting goals for this week. This week I will...
  • track every morsel I eat
  • drink all my water
  • exercise 5 x
  • deny my relationship with said scale

:: Deep Breath::

You, Mr. Scale, no longer have a hold on me!

Now I am off to see the trainer. At the very least, he is encouraging!

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When Pigs Fly Zville said...

Anne - you are doing great - and should be soooo proud of yourself and you have more energy and feel better too!!! Who cares about the numbers??!!!

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