Monday, April 6, 2009

Rockin Bobbins...

It is snowing here in central Indiana! Wasn't it just 70 on Saturday!

Busy day today... indulging myself. I met with my personal trainer this morning. Last week I committed to meet with him 3x a week. I AM going to lose this weight! After I lost half my body weight in sweat (no kidding), I rushed home, showered, and ran out to meet some of the Rockin' Bobbins for lunch at the coffee shop. From there we went to The Village Yarn Shop for our first knitting class to make the Summer Braids cardigan sweater. We are a quilting group, obviously multi-talented. ;^)

Knitting class went on a little longer than planned - mostly because I couldn't get the first row of my sweater right. I managed to cast on 292 - which seemed to take an eternity, but then I could not get the first row right. I counted wrong twice! Maureen, the instructor, was a gem and she helped me un-knit so I wouldn't have to cast on again. Finally, I got it right! Meanwhile, I think Jenny got 8 rows done!

I am home now, blogging with Oprah in the background. I plan to knit my second row of my sweater before I forget how to count again!

Last Thursday, I took pictures during show & tell at Rockin' Bobbins and thought I'd share a couple this week.

Jenny, is my partner in crime. When we shop together we usually come home with the same purchases. We can talk each other in to anything without any verbal communication. She stretches me because she has a let loose side to her that I lack.

Here is a butterfly quilt top that Jenny made from a kit of 30s repro fabrics. She must have bought this kit when I was not along!

And here is a quilt top designed by Kaffee Fassett and made with his fabrics. Jenny bought the Pastel Floral Snowball Quilt kit from Glorious Colors.
Have a great day and indulge yourself a little.

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