Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loads of fun...

It is a grey day and I am trying to talk myself into a little exercise. I have spent the morning doing laundry, knitting a few rows on my sweater (I am sooo behind), and wondering around blogland with coffee cup in hand - that is what happens when I have an unstructured day! I think I need to make myself a To Do list.

I am taking my Lenten Latte Tally times $4 and writing a check to charity, as promised. I have decided to send my donation to The Caring Center, here in Boone County. I guess I can put that on the list and check it off!

Hey, there is a fabulous fabric giveaway over at Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts in celebration of her second blogiversary. Congrats on 2 years Mrs. Schmenkman!

Back to laundry and knitting... with the possibility of exercise.

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