Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mojo Giveaway Celebration...

Amy at Diary of a Quilter is celebrating her 96th post with a Mojo Giveaway! Congrats Amy and blog on!

Well... it is Tuesday morning and I have WW tonight. Where did the week go?

Where am I with my weight-loss goals set for this week?

track every morsel I eat
I can work on improving this skill. Friday night has an entry for GOK after eating a late "dinner" of chips & salsa, Maytag blue cheese & crackers, and wine with friends.
GOK = God only Knows

drink all my water
hmmmm...does the wine count? I am probably 4 for 7 on this one.

exercise 5 x
done, and more than slightly proud of it

deny my relationship with the scale
Mr. Scale??? I don't believe I know him. I went the entire week without a liaison.

Painful lesson learned Friday night: Don't drink tall glasses of Chardonnay with only a banana and fiber bar in your tummy.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. Tomorrow is another day.

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