Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Baby!!!

My baby, my little boy, my son and only child has a birthday today! I can not believe this, but he is 17 years old. I sat reflecting this morning as to where I was 17 years ago. I believe I was waiting on a gift from God that would forever change and enrich my life.


I remember the cowboy birthday party we had for you when you were 2 and we lived in Texas. Grandpa Dorance gave you cowboy boots and on a trip to San Antonio you cried "my booooots!" for 45 minutes straight. I remember knowing we needed to move back to the Midwest because the "hi-i " and "bye-i" you learned at Miss Beverly's A Place to Grow both seemed to have more than one syllable.

In kindergarten you wanted to get a pet so we got a cat and you named him Grey Cloud. It was thanksgiving, you had just studied native Americans, and wanted the cat to have an native American name. Grey Cloud is still with us today. Your first grade teacher called me on the second day of school to report that you were sticking pencils up your nose and making "farting noises" with your hands. Obviously she hadn't met your Dad yet!

Speaking of your Dad, he still talks about the night when you were in first grade and he took you to KFC. You asked your Dad what KFC stood for and he replied "Kentucky Fried Chicken". Then you innocently asked, "Are you sure it isn't Kentucky F**ky Chicken"? Your Dad had to say with a straight face that he was pretty sure it was Kentucky FRIED Chicken.

In elementary school you gave yourself a short haircut in the bathroom during the after school program. They didn't know where you got the scissors. You were nearly suspended on a "weapons charge" for bringing a very small squirt gun to school. Another time you asked me what that was in my purse that looked like a candy bar, but seemed more like toilet paper. So inquisitive!

Middle school brought trumpet playing and wrestling practice. And high school has brought new friends, the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, driving, buying your first car, running into a parked car with your car, and your first love. Where has the time gone?
Happy birthday Charlie. You are the light in my life and I love you!


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When Pigs Fly Zville said...

Uh, Brad, I think you steered young Charlie wrong on that KFC thing. I am pretty sure he was right.

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