Friday, July 15, 2011

True Confessions...

My sewing room looks like a scene from Hoarders: Burried Alive.  I would take a picture and show it to you but I fear you'd have me put away.  It is proof of the fact that I love the beginning of the creative process... but finishing projects is another story.  And because I have spent the last year at the yarn shop, I rarely entered my sewing room. 

With my summer off, I have thouroughly enjoyed spending time sewing. I have been on a stash busting binge... which is all the reason to begin new projects.  But I have also made myself complete a few UFOs. 

Here is a quilt top made of half log cabin blocks.  I know I started this project more than 2 years ago at a quilt retreat.  Women from my small group traded strips of fabric.  I needed to make two more blocks and sew on the last row, and borders.  I think my outer border is sort of skimpy but I love the fabric and I have vowed to use up {yeah right!} what I have.  When finished, this quilt will fit the antique bed in our guest room.  Last time my Mom {Eva K} visited she asked why a quilter had a store bought quilt on the bed in her guest bedroom! 

Eva K has an Accuquilt.  I borrowed it {and have not returned it yet} and cut out this tumbler quilt.  It hardly made a dent in my Civl War repros but it is another finished top!

I quilt with my credit card.  So both of these quilts {plus another I finished for our church's Habitat House} went to my favorite longarm quilter {Juna} last night at our small group meeting.  Whew... does that ever feel good!

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