Friday, July 8, 2011

I was sucked in...

I am an easy mark.  Last weekend I was blog hopping and read Jodi's {Pleasant Home} post about her intentions for her 2011 Scrappy Quilt.  She decided to join Karen's Summer Bow Tie "quilt along" on Facebook.  Participants will make one block for every day of the summer.   Hmmm...sounds like fun!    

The "quilt along" started on June 21st, so as of today I have 18 blocks pieced.  By the end of the "quilt along", and the end of summer, we'll have 95 blocks!   If you need inspiration just check out Jodi's post.  It sucked me right in.

Then, later in the week, I read that Amandajean {Crazy Mom Quilts} had joined  Penny's {Sewtakeahike} Yo-Yo "quilt along". 

Well, I have always wanted a Yo-Yo quilt.
So now I have this basket ...

sitting next to my nest.

And currently it has 26 of the 1008 yo-yos that I need to complete in it.
  I am using red, white, and blue 30's repros... at least in the beginning!

I think "quilting along" will be fun! 

What ever you do, DON'T read Jodi's blog for today.  She's joined the Farmer's Wife Sampler "quilt along".  MUST * RESIST * THIS * PROJECT.  I still have Dear Jane in a box begging to be set! 

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Thimbleanna said...

Don't do it -- I'll be your support group LOL! I have too many UFOs to do any quilt-alongs -- to include a yoyo quilt. I LOVE your yoyo colors -- I can't wait to see them in progress!

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