Monday, July 18, 2011

Planned or Random?...

I now have 210 yo-yos!  My original plan for this Yo-Yo Along was to use up my 30's repro stash.  Then I decided to use only my red, white, and blue repros.  Well... I have depleted that stash and I have only completed 20% of the yo-yos needed for the the project.  What's a girl to do?  Should I use up my other 30's fabric for a more random color variation?  Or should I stick to the planned color way {and use this project as an excuse to frequent more quilt shops}? 

What would YOU do?


Anonymous said...

Wait and see what your IA friends have for you at quilt camp! Keep the original color plan -- love it!

Karen said...

I'm going random and not planned, mainly because I'm trying to use up stash & scraps. These quilts are ALL going to be gorgeous, rather like flowers, don't you think?


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