Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduations and Birthdays...

I am not sure when I decided homemade gifts are the best. Maybe because my sister tells me that when she receives a gift from me... and maybe I shouldn't apply that theory to all people. Nonetheless, I am finishing {yes, it does happen people} several projects for May celebrations.

I bought this small quilt kit at The Back Door while on my way to a quilting retreat in February. I pieced the top at the retreat and recently had my friend Juna quilt it for me. It took little time to bind - it is only 24 x 24. Now it is now ready for a label. This is for a friend in Iowa who likes antiques and loves blue. She can use it as a table topper or a wall hanging.

For graduation gifts, I like to make pillowcases, put a towel set inside, and tie it up with a bow. On Sunday I made this collection of pillowcases for the girls on my list.

I need to busy myself with pillowcases for the boys. Here are a couple I have cut out. Another trip to the quilt shop is in order - twist my arm!

I am still working on hand stitching the binding on this quilt. Again, Juna {the Quilting Queen} did a fab job! This is for Sue's {Raisin Bran Muffin friend} daughter Ginny for her high school graduation.

Lots to do this morning and then off to the gym for some cardio. {I know those of you that really know me are laughing right now...who do I think I am speaking in fitness lingo!} Have you noticed I haven't been blogging about my weight loss success? I feel like I have increased my activity 1000% but the weight is coming off slow - what ev! I would like to report I seem to have a waist again. That is encouraging!

Hey, tonight I am going to see Billy Joel and Elton John in concert. Should be a good time!


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Barb said...

I love them all....how awesome of you to be able to plan ahead and do all of these handmade gifts....

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