Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to Over the Picket Fence.....

This is my very first post on my brand new blog! Yeah! For some time now I have wanted to start a blog. Today when I mentioned this to my friend Carolyn she jumped at the chance to help me get started. Carolyn is an enabler - at least she enables me when I am lacking in the motivation department - which is a good thing.
Bio? I am a wife and mother with a mean case of APADD, that is Artsy-Phartsy Attention Deficit Disorder. For now this blog will be my way to share my passion for quilting, knitting, and cardmaking. I also love books, food, and my family and friends - maybe not in that order.
I guess what you'll see is what you'll get. So grab your cup of coffee, join me and we'll gab...Over the Picket Fence.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Add a "good read" section for those of us that have trouble using scissors and the creative side of our brains, but love to read!!

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