Saturday, February 28, 2009


Have you seen this fun google game where you search for “unfortunately, your name” (including the quotes) played on blogs or facebook? It made me LOL!!! I got sucked in and had to try it.

Here's what I got when I searched for “Unfortunately, Anne”

Unfortunately, Anne can only address one of these issues: corruption.
Unfortunately, Anne's social life died
Unfortunately, Anne was a younger 'trophy wife' replacing an older one
Unfortunately, Anne did not publish anything about this project.
Unfortunately, Anne does not seem to grasp that distinction.
Unfortunately, Anne was
not their server, and disappointingly, the experience was not the same.
Unfortunately, Anne will be unavailable for the opening reception, but hopes you will enjoy the exhibit and bathe in the beauty of spring!
Unfortunately Anne wasn't nearly as good at the "dutiful wife" thing as she had been at the "snarky outspoken mistress" thing
Unfortunately, Anne was deeply in love with her cousin
Unfortunately Anne didn’t feel the same way.
Unfortunately Anne cannot reply to all emails and cannot enter into a one-to-one correspondence.
Unfortunately, Anne didn’t win the Golden Globe for “Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama”, as spectulated.
Unfortunately, Anne had to go to sleep early so she could compete in the morning and we bade the party adieu
Unfortunately, Anne desires the crown and abiding by the mantra that "love is no value without power and influence"
Unfortunately, Anne overhears and, despite her illness, rushes heartbroken out into the night.
Unfortunately Anne's tale does not end so happily...
Unfortunately, Anne has a separate opinion.
Unfortunately, Anne had a lot of enemies.

And my personal favortites:

Unfortunately, Anne’s stubbornness ruins her chance
Unfortunately, Anne just insults and rants and rants in a nonsensical manner,
Unfortunately, Anne herself can’t give out specific details which makes sense, so she herself is quiet on this regard at the moment.
Unfortunately Anne is especially frank, and comes off as a strong-willed individual
Unfortunately, Anne is not happy about this,
Unfortunately, Anne has lost all hope.
Unfortunately, Anne is beheaded.

Have a go yourself and see what results you get.

Until next time...


When Pigs Fly Zville said...

Unfortunately Carolyn’s isn’t an isolated story. There are countless overweight women and men out there, facing the same dilemma’s that Carolyn did
Unfortunately, Carolyn's virtuous nature was compromised...
Unfortunately, Carolyn does not know the difference between a natural soap and a detergent with a thickening agent

Anne Gearhart said...

I found your page searching for Unfortunately Anne

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