Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where has the time gone?...

Oh my!!! It has been a YEAR since my last post, and what a year it has been!

Sept - March:  renovated new house (aka the money pit)
Nov:  moved into new house
Dec:  Prince Charles moved home, with a kitten (Atta, the indoor cat)
March:  I manage the yarn shop while owner has back surgery
              Mom visits for the month
May:   Mom has back surgery and I help out with her recoop
           Husband brings home new cat (Smitty, the outdoor cat)
June:  Mom moves in with us, for good
July:   Marley moves in with us (an adorable basset hound/lab mix)
Aug:   New drainage and hardscaping 
           5 days w/o water = New pressure tank, one week later, no hot water
Sept:  landscaping plans
Oct:  possibly paint the exterior, but we've been waiting for 2 months
         possibly hiring a new painter

Just one year ago we were empty nesters.  Now we have our son, my mother, two cats and a dog living with us.  It all sounds like a lot, but it is really a blessing.

The house still has areas that need work, but that can wait for now.  This time of year, I am in love with the property!

The old lane to the main road.
Pre-constitution Hackberry



I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

YAY! You posted!
I would be in HEAVEN in your woods this time of year... hearing the leaves crunch underfoot, feeling the crisp air and smelling damp earth, watching the dog chase squirrels..... rewards for all the work and changes of the past year. You've earned them!

deanne said...

Love the trees! And family additions!;) good blog, Miss Anne!

Thimbleanna said...

ANNE!!!! It's FANTASTIC to see you back here -- you've been missed!!!

Your photos are beautiful -- it looks like it's absolutely gorgeous there. How did the kitchen reno go? Are you happy with everything?

Sounds like you have a full house again -- I would love that. I hope you're enjoying it all -- it sounds like you are. I hope this means that you're back now and we'll hear from you a little more!!!

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