Monday, August 22, 2011

The Fair is in Town..

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Indiana State Fair with my friend Deanne. 
We went to see this guy.

Deanne is a BIG Dr. Oz fan.  And it was fun to see him in person. 
We took in the sights.


We shared a tenderloin for lunch.

We checked out some of the quilts.  I took {bad} pictures and no notes.

I liked this quilt with the prairie points. 

I shot a close photo of this thinking I might make one for myself.

This was the big winner.

A lovely antique quilt.  I am curious as to how these quilts are judged.

This quilt had wool applique and FABULOUS quilting.

These funny statues were everywhere.

The Indiana State Fair was celebrating the year of...


That's right...the soybean.  What??? Were you thinking, maybe, something else?

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