Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So much going on...

I have been very busy getting ready for Charlie's graduation.  I finally finished the announcement
and open house invitations.
Charlie and his friend Jack wanted to have their open house together.  They will be roommates at IU next year.

My new appliances came last week.  They are WON-DER-FULLLLL.  I picked GE Cafe stainless for everything but the dishwasher, which is a Bosch.  Momma like!

I went to the granite lot and picked the section from my slab of Geriba for my island.
This week I need to clean, clean, clean.  I need to call Restore to pick up my old appliances.  {Restore is part of Habitat for Humanity and they will accept gently used appliances, cabinets, furniture, and other household products.}  Someone is coming to measure for wood blinds on Thursday.  My new Walnut Dining Cabinet is coming on Friday.  

BUT next week is when all the magic happens {fingers crossed}.  June 1st, the counterops and plumbing are ripped out.  June 2nd, the granite arrives (and so does Eva K).  June 3rd third the plumbing is reconnected (new garbage disposal too) and the backsplash will be put in.  June 4th the painter returns.  June 5th is the open house.  What?... you think I'm crazy?  You may be right. 

Coping in the midwest,

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Elaine said...

I just freshened up my blog and found your note and read this. If I were in your shoes, I'd be ready for a Valium drip about now! I guess we have a little of the same next week, off to Clarinda to host our Japan girls, in a house that hasn't been cleaned in 8 months, still has a hole in the kitchen ceiling from when the water pipes broke over a year ago and the ceiling that fell down in the laundry room in the middle of my Christmas show. Good luck to both of us, I say! We just got Charlies announcement, will be sending off good wishes and a little cash for him when we get back. Still can't believe that little guy who didn't want to wear overalls anymore is all grown up and off to college. I can see the first signs of Anna hitting womanhood, and I don't like it a bit!

I'll be in touch.


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