Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It is a busy time...

Our house {literally} is gearing up for graduation.  The past month has been busy, and this month promises to be more of the same.

First of all, let me confess.  Several years ago when one of our nephews was graduating from high school my SIL did  a lot of redecorating.  At the time I thought "how crazy".  Why did she need to redecorate and why did she wait until the last minute.  Well... now I know.  {Those were my younger days when I was some what naive and obviously judgemental.} 

My tale of redecorating reads something like If you give a Mouse a Cookie.

It started with the spot on the ceiling of the family room.  I was responsible for this spot as I ran the water in the master sink upstairs to the overflow point... overflow and large spot on the ceiling.  So bring in the painter to fix the spot. 

If I am bringing in a painter, I should probably also repaint the dining and living rooms. 

If I am going to repaint, I should bring in an interior decorator to help me choose paint.  And convince me that I need to repaint kitchen, family and powder rooms too.

If I am going to repaint the kitchen, I should probably think about replacing my formica with the granite I've always wanted.

If I am going to get granite, I should get a tile back splash... and what about replacing the island with something more functional and pretty...and the white appliances won't look good with the new granite.

If I am getting new appliances, including a new dual fuel range, I'll need to hire an electrician. 

If I hire an electrician, I should update the lighting in the kitchen.

And now that my dining room looks so nice with the new paint, I should have a real dining room set, complete with a place to store my china.

I'll tell you, it never ends.....

So girls, the moral of the story is never wait to redecorate

Here is the graduate, on the day of prom, and before the wisdom teeth extraction.  He is headed to Indiana University but as you can tell, there is a little Hawkeye in his blood. 


Thimbleanna said...

Yay! I can comment again! You're so funny. That's why I'm afraid to start my kitchen -- I know it will ripple through the rest of the house! Good Luck!

Elaine said...

I just saw you left me a note, this weekend is the first time I've had to update things. First, I cannot believe graduation is here so soon. Wasn't it just yesterday that you told me you were pregnant? I do not like this time flies stuff. Is the party over or is it still coming soon, I never know when real schools get out!

The remodeling sounds amazing, sometime we are going to have to come see it in person. I think I'll go clear off my kitchen counters and see if I can remember what my kitchen looks like under all the clutter!


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