Saturday, January 9, 2010

Amending my Resolutions...

On Thursday, I had lunch with Carolyn {from When Pigs Fly fame} and her daughter Sarah.  Sarah is home from college so I asked her if she needed anything crafty before she went back.  Could I knit or sew her anything???  Sarah explained that she could use a hat, but that she had read my resolution post and understood that I would need to finish a project before I could begin a new one.  RATS!  This self-described law-abider was almost foiled by her own rules.  But then I came up with a clever new one... If I use materials on hand, formerly purchased {thereby qualifying as stash reduction}, it is okay to begin the new project.  There you have it people, my own little loophole.

Sarah stopped by today and here she is in her new hat.   

I asked Sarah if fingerless mitts would come in handy when studying and she thought that would be nice.  I tried to talk her into a trip to The Village Yarn Shop to pick out new yarn but she wanted me to use something from my stash.  RATS!

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