Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The House...

More than a year ago my husband decided it was time to buy some property with land.  He grew up on a farm and I don't think subdivision living was ever his thing.  We looked and looked, wanting to stay very close to the friendly little town we live in.  We also wanted to find a house that would accomodate us and my Mom. We lost out on a beautiful property with a crummy little house.  Then we fought one another over a piece of odd property with 10 acres of woods.  I hated that house (clearly in a flood zone) and finally had to tell the husb if he wanted it, then buy it, but I had no intention of moving into that house.  He is soooo seduced by a piece of land with trees.

In January I found a piece of property with a house on a hill and nearly 10 acres of trees.  The price on the property had just dropped so I took my friend Mary and we went to take a look.  I was happy to see that this was a house that could work with a little love.  Plus it had a bedroom, sitting room and bathroom on the first floor, perfect for my Mom.     

In February we made an offer on the property.  By doing so we had entered a Short Sale process.  "Short" has nothing to do with the time it takes to make an agreement.  Finally, at the end of July we heard that the offer was approved by the bank.  We closed on the property a week ago.  Now we are to proud owners of 2 homes.  YIKES! 

Time to sell our current home and hire a contractor to work on the new house.  This is going to be an adventure! (That is me trying not to be stressed and looking for the silver lining.)  Honestly the house will take more than a little love.

Here is a "before" picture.

We have to start with a new roof and a bump out in the guest bathroom upstairs to allow a shower.  I will have more to show you during the process, plus this house has a very interesting history.


I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

I am excited and happy for you!!!!

Barbara Kiernan said...

It's a beautiful home; it just needed you. Barbara

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Anne -- it looks gorgeous -- Congratulations!!! I can't wait to watch as you make it your home!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

That is gorgeous!! We are currently buying our first home!

Primitive Treasures said...

Oh me, oh my...what a SUPERBLY, FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL house!! I live in a row of 5 houses in England and your house is way BIGGER than our block of FIVE!
I did think Elaine was my friend, but not so sure now...she told me to check out your house and suddenly I feel like I live in a Rabbit Hutch!
I wish you well to live there x
Love and Blessings,
Karen xx

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