Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Rockin' Bobbins Christmas...

The other day I logged on to Facebook and a friend had written on my wall "Have you fallen off the face of the earth?"  Well yes... yes... I believe I have.

Thursday night was the annual Christmas gathering for the Rockin Bobbins.  As always the food was outsatanding and Jenny managed to find some spiked eggnog that wasn't too bad either.  We had show and tell and a gift excahnge from our secret Santa.  My Santa was Juna {WonderQuilter}and she is so creative I had to share her gift to me.  

Quilting the ABC's {yes, there was a gift for every letter of the alphabet!}
A :: Anne
B :: Bag, quilted flannel
C :: Charm Pack
D :: Doll
E :: Embellishments
F :: Fabric
G :: Gauge
H :: Hook, crochet
I :: Idea to knit, Wine Bottle Bag
J :: Journal
K :: Keychain, with a tiny knit sweater!
L :: Labels for knits
M :: Memory Ornament
N :: Note Pad
O :: Ornament, paper pieced by Juna
P :: Pattern
Q :: Quilt Fabric
R :: Ruler
S :: Snowman
T :: Thangles
U :: Ughh! UFO!!!
V :: Vintage Blocks
W :: Wool Penny Rug (not in the picture because it is already under my Balsam & Cedar Yankee Candle)
X :: Xtra Fabric
Y :: Yard of Fabric
Z :: Not a Zipper, 2 clasps for a bag or purse

Thank you Juna!

And now I really need to take this Christmas business serious.  Here is the extent of my decorating - although I do have the Yankee Candle burning trying to fill the house with a pine scent. 

My cards are not done - I make them {thanks to a tradition the skinny sister and Eva K started} - I have 10 made... I send out 100.  No letter written.  No picture taken.  No tree. Little shopping done.  Can we just scrap it all and focus on the reason for the season?  There is snow on the ground.  It is cold outside.  What is wrong with me?

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Thimbleanna said...

What a FUN gift idea -- that one needs to be filed away for future reference!

I'm having the same problem this year too. I finally got my decorating done yesterday, and I'm going shopping this afternoon -- Christmas shopping with the hoardes on a Saturday is NOT my idea of fun either! Good Luck with your prep!

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