Saturday, November 7, 2009

Binding Schminding...

I just finished binding this cute quilt I made for Lisa {Charlie's German friend} for Christmas. You saw the top when I finished it, but now it is complete... sans label.  Amy Butler brights and Mark Lipinski white = yummy! Once again, the photo doesn't do the quilt justice.

Here is a wallhanging I made a while back.  It is ready to have the binding hand sewn. 

I LOVE this quilt. It has been ready for binding for a LONG time.
Sewing on black binding is a MAJOR drag with my 40 something eyes.

True Confessions  The main part of this quilt is a big piece of cheater fabric with 2 nice borders added on. I love the quilting Juna did for me. Non-quilters will be none the wiser.

I have 6 more quilts in the Need Binding stack.

     Sew on,


Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- would have never known about that cheater -- that's cool. And I love the pretty quilt for Charlie's friend!

Sheila said...

Beautiful quilts. I recently had the same experience with dark binding ; I thought it was just me. Finally decided it was an in-front-of-the-window-with-daylight-only project. Which took forever!

Mary said...

Love that cheater - Juno did a great job. You've been super productive lately. Congratulations on all the finished projects! Hope to come and knit awhile in the shop this morning. See you later.

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