Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time Flies, Even if You're Not Having Fun...

Time has gotten away from me. I finished a cute pumpkin hat for Emerson. I finished the three button shawl, which Eva K {Mom} swiped. I had a wonderful birthday. Eva K and I went on a quilting retreat with the Rockin’ Bobbins. I'd love to share it with you but I left my camera in mom’s car! Doh!

Then the following Monday, I started a new medication that turned me into this...

Okay... sorry... I mean no disrespect to the toad community. I was an absolute lump last week. As you can see this toad is not blogging. This toad is not holding knitting needles. This toad is not sewing binding on the SIX quilts in her sewing room that need binding. And this toad is certainly not cleaning her house (alright, you are probably on to me, I only clean for guests). The only the thing this toad did was go to the gym 3x and even those attempts were {toadally} pathetic. This toad was very good at napping!

So I called Eva K and she suggested I make a list and then cross things off as I get them done. Girls, (and boys if you are out there) this is her answer for everything. But I did it, and she was right. So, now I need to go cross blogging off my list. And it is good to be in touch with the world again. Now, if I just had my camera back.  {Oh, and this week doesn't seem nearly as bad.}

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